Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Lazy Artist

I admit I have been an extremely lazy artist when it comes to my Sketch Blog. It has been a year since I posted anything. In my defense I've been busy with work (doing art) and my studio at home is a wreck, overran with toys.

To further the point I had started a mural on the wall of my work office during my lunch breaks. It was meant to be just a line drawing, as you can see it still needs to be completed. I even had people here that would come in and try to follow my pencils on the wall and help paint during their lunch break, but they gave up as I was taking lunch to work on work.

I always meant for this blog to be a sketch book online of things that were going through my head, drawings that I just wanted to do for fun. So hang in there as I get the sketches organized and make some time to do some more.