Thursday, August 9, 2007

Gears Plush

Well the logo went over so well, that the company decided that Gears would get his own amusement family. This is one of the "natural" prototypes, the actual line (released 2007) was all in neon colors.

How many people can say they have a toy of their puppy?


rob! said...

cute. i wish we had a plush toy of our pup, Johnny. she'd destroy it in about fifteen minutes. :)

chunky B said...

I have one of these that is about four feet tall, all our puppy does is run away from it. I'm sure the little plush wouldn't last fifteen minutes in our house either.

Bubbashelby said...

Hey CB - do you know the process that got your illustrations to plush? (Company/companies involved, design process etc)

I know someone hoping to do get a character design made into plush.

LMK and thanks -

chunky B said...

I sure do, 1) I sketched and came up with the finished drawing 2) the pattern maker came up with the pattern 3) the factory produced samples 4) I got a plush of my hound!

Okay maybe that's simplifying it a bit. Plush is a little different than hard goods, because you never know what it will look like in 3D until you make it and then tweak it. There are two ways you can approach the concept stage 1) just draw it like you would an illustration, not worrying about construction, or 2) try to take into consideration where seam lines and tucks will be. I recommend if you are an illustrator just draw it first. Then you need to get it to a pattern maker, most factories have them if they specialize in plush, we have our own on staff. They will make a sample in whatever material they have around and you can mark it up to try and explain the shapes you want.

The sample process will last until they get it "right", then you will need to place the order, they will produce control samples and start churning out the plush. You'll also need to provide a sewn in label, and packaging, and figure out where you are going to store it.

We have our own factory over in China, plus we work with a few others. You will need someone to source the factory and make a trip to verify they can produce the quality you require if you are not familiar with any over there, or trust that they are who they say, usually you go through an agent for this.

You also have to make payment arrangements and shipping from the factory to port, from port to port, and to you warehouse. Plenty of independents do it, and come up with some quality plush, so I know it can be done, hope that helps some, probably could go into more detail in an e-mail.